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Bassa Village Group 1Twenty years ago , the Alliance initiated the” French school ”  in Bassa with only 3 classrooms . Beside the Alliance school , there is a Coranic school that has 2 classrooms with an effective of 125 students . The coranic school was populated by children from Bassa and children from more than 4 neighboring villages .In spite the quality of education the Alliance was offering in the school in Bassa , only few children were enrolled  in the French school , but the last four years many parents have started to change their mind about sending their children to the Alliance school ;  then the three classrooms become very small. Many children drop out the coranic school and stay home or come to the Alliance school ,  stand at the window trying to learn some French words . Few weeks ago , the students parents association of Bassa and the staff of the Alliance held a meeting . Among the members of the committee, one can notice the presence of two young girls of 12 and 11 years old . and two young ladies . The meeting was about the enrolling of more children in school especially girls , and better maintenance of the school building . The committee is planning to recruit 71 new students this coming school year and has formed a new committee for the maintenance of the school building and the bench desks . Before that meeting the school committee agreed to pay 10% of the total cost of the new school that the Alliance is building . The importance of the school for the population in Bassa is real today , everybody is involved ; young , adult and old persons ; the Alliance has work hard for years in Bassa so that the Students parents association , the students , the parents and others  understand the importance of school  for the village of Bassa in general .

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