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Education Initiatives

  • Villagers improve their access to and quality of education
  • Villages have effective and viable village education plans
  • Villages have increased opportunities for adult literacy

Education Goals

Sufficient School Facilities

This year the Alliance is partnering with the village of Famana to construct a new school.  We will also build new latrines, well, and school garden.

Many of our older schools are made of mud bricks and need extensive annual maintenance to protect against Mali’s harsh rainy season. In the past five years, the Alliance has constructed 18 new concrete classrooms, which last longer than mud brick structures. The Alliance has a 5 year plan for school construction with the goal that villages can become eligible to have their education programs sustained by the government of Mali.

Many village children are unable to attend school due to cost and distance. The Alliance has formalized an education program in 11 villages—providing quality education for village children who would not otherwise have that opportunity.   Our focus is on increasing girls’ enrollment, giving all children the opportunity to attend school, and improving teacher competency.

During the 15-16 program year over 1,900 children attend village schools!

Sufficient Materials

The Alliance also provides school supplies and bench desks for 11 village elementary schools. Supplies include: pencils, paper, chalk boards, chalk, erasers, maps and some textbooks.

Effective Teachers

The Alliance knows that children learn best when teachers are trained and supported. We partner with Mali’s Ministry of Education to routinely  evaluate and coach all teachers in our 11 village schools. $75 covers the cost for a trained professional to conduct quarterly evaluations and complete written reports on teacher performance. A successful teacher equals a successful student!

In 2011, the Alliance partnered with CAP- Centers of Educational Support (Centres d’Animation Pédagogique) from the Ministry of Education. CAP Supervisors are Malian education experts who evaluate teacher performance and then make recommendations for further training. The Alliance then offers training sessions based on the greatest need. We have offered French/Bamanankan training and Reading/Writing training.

Effective Education Councils & Plans

CGS School Management Committees (Comités de Gestion Scolaire)

The Alliance works diligently with parents so they understand the importance of education in all their children’s’ lives. 22 parents from 11 villages attend a one-day training to learn about ways to become more involved with their children’s schools. Parents are now determined to make sure teachers are paid monthly and on time, and that female enrollment continues to increase in the classrooms.

Education Council

The Education Council helps the village establish its vision of what a literate village would look like, determine priorities, and assign specific tasks.

Increased Opportunities for Adult Literacy

Coming soon!

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