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I am Anounou Sissoko and I have worked with the Alliance as our Field Director in Mali for 15 years.

I was born and raised in Bamako, Mali and then moved to the United States after high school to pursue my education. I received my Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Economics and International Trade and returned to Mali to begin my career. After many years as an accountant, I decided I wanted a job where I could help my fellow Malians improve their lives.

What excites me about the work the Alliance does is that although we are a small NGO, when I visit our villages, I can see we are making a difference in the lives of many individuals. The nets we are distributing are being used and saving lives, the vaccinations we do are saving the lives of  many children, and the trainings we provide on health and education are improving the quality of life in villages.

Our success is based on three principles that we consider when we do any kind of activity in our villages. The three principles are: Ownership, Accountability and Sustainability. I work directly with villagers to ensure they are involved in every stage of project planning, implementation and evaluation.

Positive things are happening in the lives of our villagers who are striving to overcome the obstacles of extreme poverty. I look forward to sharing more about the work the Alliance does and the amazing people of Mali!

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