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2021 Administrative Expedition

The Ouelessebougou Alliance’s administrative and volunteers are so committed to transforming the lives of the people in the Ouelessebougou region. Because of the pandemic and the growing needs of the Alliance, it was very important to still have our annual Administrative Expedition. It was so important for the morale of the Mali staff and the villagers for us to show

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New Faraba II Well: Water Saves Lives

Until two months ago, 200 children and 100 adults from the rural village of Faraba II were getting their water from the former gold mining pits to cook their food, wash their clothes, and drink water. Faraba 2 is 30 km from Ouelessebougou and 5 km from Faraba I. It was so hard for this population that some people were

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Malian Student Spotlight: Mariam Samake

Mariam Samake In honor of International Day of the Girl, I am spotlighting a girl from the Ouelessebougou region of Mali. Mariam is 18 years old and a ninth grader. She attended the Alliance’s partner elementary school in Tamala. Here is what she has to say.  What is it like to be a girl in Mali? To be a girl

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COVID-19 Relief Food Distribution

As a result of conflict, instability, and COVID-19, more than 4.3 million Malians required humanitarian help in 2020. The COVID-19 virus has left millions in crisis of malnutrition, hunger, and starvation in Mali, particularly in the rural areas such as the Ouelessebougou region. Because many of our villages are remote, they seldom receive international assistance, but the Alliance is in

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One of the Alliance Rock Stars: Teningnini Diakite

Mariam Diakite said Teningnini is the Ouelessebougou Alliance Program Manager in Mali. Prior to that position, Teningnini worked for the Ouelessebougou Women micro-credit fund in Ouelessebougou. She has been working for the Alliance for almost two decades as the Health Coordinator and the Program Manager. Additionally, she cooks for our guests (expeditions) during their visits to Ouelessebougou. She is a

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A Donors’ Proudest Moment: Adama Diarra Becomes a Fire Firefighter in Mali

IN September of last year, I highlighted (WROTE) a blog on our wonderful former student from the Fadiobougou School in Ouelessebougou, Adama Diarra. He was born and raised in a very poor family in the remote village of f Fadiobougou. Fadiobougou is one of the Alliance partner villages where we provide our sustainable health and education programs. His dad died

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