Education Councils & Plans

Working in partnership with village education workers and councils is key to achieving each community's literacy goals.

Our Malian staff works closely with Village Education Councils in each of our 12 elementary schools.  By partnering with Education Councils, villagers share accountability in the education of their community. These leaders play an integral role in promoting formal education opportunities, adult literacy, and self-reliance training.

Our Village Schools

  • Bamakoni
  • Bassa
  • D’Keleyakoloro
  • Djemene
  • Fadiobougou
  • Famana
  • Kaban
  • Kaban
  • Neneko
  • Sena
  • Solo
  • Soumaya
  • Tamala

Effective Education Councils

Following the model of the Alliance’s Health Council program, village chiefs form Education Councils — a group of respected leaders who are organized to improve the literacy of their village. Our Mali staff facilitates planning sessions and the Education Councils envision what a literate village would like like. Then, they determine goals, set priorities and create a work strategy to make their goals a reality. Goals have included increasing girls’ enrollment, providing adult literacy opportunities, constructing classrooms and forming parenting committees.

Invest in Education Councils

Your investment into our Education Council program will allow us to facilitate training to education workers. Your gift will empower leaders to improve the literacy in their village. Together we can support Education Councils in their efforts to break the cycle of poverty by providing learning opportunities for village students and their parents.