Education Councils & Plans

CGS School Management Committees (Comités de Gestion Scolaire)
The Alliance works diligently with parents so they understand the importance of education in all their children’s’ lives. 24 parents from 12 villages attend a one-day training to learn about ways to become more involved with their children’s schools. Parents are now determined to make sure teachers are paid monthly and on time, and that female enrollment continues to increase in the classrooms.

Education Council
Following the model of the Alliance’s Health Council program, village chiefs form Education Councils — a group of respected leaders who are organized to improve the literacy of their village. The Alliance facilitates planning sessions and the Education Councils envision what a literate village would look like like and then determine goals, set priorities and create a work strategy to make their goals a reality. Goals have included increasing girls’ enrollment, providing adult literacy opportunities, constructing classrooms and forming parent committees.