Gala Auction


With the ongoing spread of COVID-19, our Board of Directors has made the decision to convert our 34th Annual Gala Auction to a virtual event in the late spring or early summer. Although we are disappointed we will not be able to host our signature event at Little America, we are excited for this unique opportunity to rally our supporters online.

As we all cope with this time of uncertainty, the Alliance reaffirms the importance of our mission and the need to lift each other. During a global health crisis, the extreme poor are affected more than any of us. Malians live under the constant threat of a potential health crisis. Lack of testing, medications, adequate health care, and vaccinations are the norm for most Malian citizens. The country faces serious challenges in the health sector with some of the world’s worst indicators. 

Because of the Alliance’s people-centered health delivery system, we have strong relationships with not only our 25 partner villages, but also the Mali Ministry of Health, the Ouelessebougou hospital, and health partners in and around the Ouelessebougou region. Our resident village health workers make it possible for us to deliver basic medical and preventative care, health training, and services to village families. We are uniquely positioned to offer support and relief in times of crisis.  

Now more than ever, we need to join together and lift those in our local and global communities. Our annual Gala is the Alliance’s largest source of individual funding each year. It provides us with the resources we need to lift the villagers of Ouelessebougou out of poverty. Ultimately, without the Alliance’s work, there are hundreds of families in Mali who will not receive the life-saving health programs they desperately need. 

To ensure the Alliance can continue operating our health and education programs in 2020, we ask for your continued financial support. We will use each donation wisely to address the most urgent humanitarian needs in Ouelessebougou over the next few months. 

For more information about our Ouelessebougou Alliance Virtual Gala coming this spring, please watch for updates on our website, FacebookInstagram and Twitter.