School Partnerships

School partnerships give young students in Utah the opportunity to connect with students in Mali.  Partnerships can be formed through schools, clubs, neighborhoods, or volunteer groups.  The operation cost to run a village school is approximately $1000 a year!  In addition, in Mali only $10 covers the cost of one students education for an entire year!  The Alliance works with your group to form a partnership with one of our 12 village schools.  We also offer opportunities for students to become ambassadors for The Alliance, this is a great way to learn more about a developing country, earn volunteer hours while making a direct and global impact.   Then consider partnering with Ouelessebougou Alliance!

School partnerships create unique and fun opportunities for Utahns to learn more about life in Mali.  We also provide the opportunity to learn more about life in Mali and engage with students in Ouelessebougou through an art exchange or a pen pal program.  Partners can also help raise funds for the Alliance’s health and education programs. Students, parents, teachers and administrators work together to make a difference. Our partnerships can be customized to meet your needs and we encourage schools to make these projects their own. Whether it’s a one-time event or a year-long partnership, the Alliance will work with you to create a rewarding experience.

School partnerships are a great way to teach & create socially minded students and give them an opportunity to support a global cause. We’ve received school donations of $80 to $8,000 and every penny is appreciated!

Contact Emily Muir at or 801-983-6254 to get involved for the 19-20 school year!  Click here to learn more about student partnerships.