Literacy Workshops

Since the early 90’s, over 5,000 women and men have benefited from the Alliance’s adult literacy programs. But Mali continues to have low literacy rates, particularly in women. The Alliance knows that literacy is valuable component of empowerment to break the cycle of poverty.

The Alliance provides Literacy Workshops in each of its 12 village schools. In 2018, enrollment expanded to include youth ages 12 and older. Some students are unable to continue their education after 6th grade due to their villages’ proximity to a middle school, the need to help at home or support their families’ income. The Alliance schools are providing increase opportunities for literacy.

The Alliance provides teacher training, supplies and a stipend for each teacher. The villages take responsibility for the management of the classes and school facilities and the teachers instruct students on reading and writing in Bambara.  Together we are working to eradicate illiteracy in Ouelessebougou.