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Our inspiration

The Baobab Tree

The baobab (BOUGH-bob) in Mali is known as a sacred and generous tree. Often called the “Tree of Life”, it is a symbol of hope and great longevity. This resilient tree can thrive in the extreme climate of sub-saharan Africa — growing to enormous sizes and even living to be over 2,000 years old. Every part of the baobab is considered valuable from its bark to its fruit. Malians use its resources for the betterment of their communities.

Like the baobab tree, the villagers of Ouelessebougou demonstrate their resiliency even in one of the world’s most impoverished countries. Through strength and positivity, they endure some of life’s most harrowing challenges like starvation, disease, lack of education and more. They are resourceful people who work hard to break the cycle of poverty.

But without opportunity, the villagers cannot reach their full potential. They deserve a chance to do more than survive. They deserve to thrive — and create a legacy that will last for generations. We can help.

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LIFT is our giving program where supporters can make a difference every month. By becoming a LIFT member, you will join a dedicated group of supporters who understand the importance of making a sustainable commitment to our work. 

You can make affordable, tax-deductible gifts each month and spread your impact throughout the year. Monthly giving provides steady support for the Alliance making it possible for us to consistently meet the needs of the villagers we serve.

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