Neneko School 2017

New Classrooms in Neneko

In the mid-90’s, the Alliance constructed three mud classrooms in the village of Neneko. This gave the villagers the facilities necessary to formally educate their sons and daughters. As student enrollment increased, the village used an outdoor shack as a fourth classroom.







Many of the Alliance’s schools are made of mud bricks. But mud-bricks deteriorate over time — particularly due to Mali’s harsh rainy season. Over the last decade, the Alliance has transitioned to building cement classrooms, which last much longer than mud-brick structures. In 2013, the Alliance constructed three new cement classrooms in Neneko. The school was able to accommodate their growing student population in durable classrooms.


Student enrollment continued to grow. Six classrooms became necessary to accommodate over 150 boys and girls needing a formal education. But the original mud classrooms were now unsafe and unusable. The village was able to get by only because some students had to drop out of school to support their families’ income by working in the neighboring mine. The mine closed earlier this year and the boys and girls can return to school! The villagers were desperate to replace the mud classrooms.







The Neneko villagers made a financial contribution to construct three new cement classrooms in the Summer 2017. At the Alliance’s annual Gala Auction in April, guests donated to fund the project. Because of their generous donations, construction started in May and classrooms were completed in August, just in time for school to start!











Every child deserves a quality education. 

This starts by having access to quality school facilities. Learning in a positive educational environment is key to the success of students and teachers alike.

The Alliance is grateful for the generous donors who made this project possible!


“We lost hope. We did not have anybody to construct the school for us. Many NGOs promised they will construct them without success. Now God sent the Alliance to us one more time to provide three new classrooms for us. This year our children will study in peace.”

~ Fatoumata Traore, Neneko Mother


“Thanks to the Alliance for building new classrooms. More of my brothers and sisters will now have the chance to go to a very nice school.”

~ Setou Doubmia, 6th Grader