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The Alliance’s Malian staff is the key to our success in Ouelessebougou. Our Field Director and Program Coordinator work diligently with villages to help them set and reach their health and education goals.

Anounou Sissoko FIELD DIRECTOR

Anounou was born and raised in Bamako, Mali. After graduating from high school, Anounou moved to the U.S. to study Economics and International Trade. He received his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees, then returned home to begin his career. He has been the Alliance’s Field Director in Ouelessebougou since 2000. Anounou directs operations in Ouelessebougou, oversees the delivery of our programs, manages the local staff and facilitates the partnerships with the villages, contractors, other NGOs and government officials. He also works closely with the Utah staff and board to determine overall program strategy and delivery. Anounou is deeply committed to the work of the Alliance and creating sustainable programs in the region of Ouelessebougou. Anounou lives in Bamako, but spends his work week in Ouelessebougou. His is married to his beautiful wife Gundo and has four adult children, all who currently live in Utah. He is the proud grandfather of two.

Teningnini Diakite PROGRAM MANAGER

Teningnini was born and raised in Ouelessebougou, Mali. She has worked for the Alliance since 2000 and plays a significant role in facilitating our programs. Teningnini works directly with Village Health Workers and Education Councils in order to fulfill the work of the Alliance and ultimately influence change in village communities. She trains the villages’ Health Matrons and Apprentices in areas of sanitation, nutrition and disease prevention.  Teningnini supervises the Alliance’s Days for Girls micro-enterprise at the OA compound and educates thousands of women and girls on women’s health education and feminine hygiene solutions. She also makes necessary preparations for annual medical expeditions and helps facilitate access to specialized health care. Teningnini and her husband Leonce live in Ouelessebougou. She is the mother of three daughters.


Boubou was a public school teacher for 15 years before coming to work for the Alliance. He is married and has seven children, all who went to school in Ouelessebougou. Boubou provides support with our health and education projects during our program year.


Sekouba was born and raised in Ouelessebougou. He has worked for the Alliance since 1997. He is one of the Alliances first and longest serving employees. Sekouba is a hardworking man who serves with a smile. He is married and lives with his family of seven in Ouelessebougou.


Modibo has worked for the Alliance for two years. He provides security at the compound and ensures the safety of the property and its visitors. Modibo is married with one child.


Our U.S. staff is kept small to minimize administrative costs. They help create and evaluate projects, communicate with Malian staff, coordinate committees and volunteers, raise funds and educate community groups about Ouelessebougou.


Judy fell in love with Ouelessebougou Alliance when she first volunteered in the mid 2000’s. Inspired at a Gala Auction, she quickly developed a deep respect for the Alliance’s mission for sustainable development. This led to years of volunteering and in January 2017, she joined the Alliance full-time as Executive Director. She is passionate about working with the Mali staff and Utah board to transform the quality of life in Ouelessebougou, one program at a time. Judy earned a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication from the University of Utah. She has over 20 years of experience in community and corporate relations, development, volunteer and event management. Her experience includes work at Special Olympics Utah, Thanksgiving Point and Ticketmaster. She lives in Salt Lake City with her husband. Their daughter is a freshman at Utah State University.

Jennifer Beckstead FINANCIAL MANAGER

Jen graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in Public Relations. Soon after graduation Jen worked for the Utah Food Bank and then in 2003 she began her work for the Ouelessebougou Alliance. Jen was the Executive Director for eight years. She has been married for 14 years and is enjoying motherhood with her three children. Jen currently works part time as the financial manager for the Alliance. She has a love for the people of Mali and a great respect for the work of the Alliance as it continues to help the villagers of Ouelessebougou become self-sufficient.


Emily graduated from the University of Utah with a Masters in Public Administration and emphasis in Nonprofit Management in 2002. She has worked for the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Phoenix, Inc. and the Lupus Foundation.  Emily is a published writer and has successfully owned and operated her own business. She has experience in development, events, grant writing, public relations, marketing, and capital campaigns. Emily is passionate about working with women, children, animals and the arts. She currently lives in Draper with her three children.


Djiba was born and raised in Ouelessebougou, Mali. He was introduced to the Alliance at a young age and later worked as an intern in the Mali office. He was also an OA translator for the visiting Utah OB/GYN expeditions. Djiba came to Utah and graduated from Utah Valley University then earned a Master of Global Affairs degree from University of Notre Dame. Djiba is the first annual recipient of the Hesburgh Global Fellowship which provides funding for a graduate of the Master of Global Affairs program to pursue work focused on peace, justice, development and other related fields. He will work in the Utah office for one year then finish out his fellowship working in Mali until the Summer 2021. Djiba now lives in Millcreek with his wife and daughter. Hear more about Djiba’s experience with Ouelessebougou Alliance.

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