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Ouelessebougou Alliance was founded in 1985 to give Utahns the opportunity to serve a specific African community—knowing that their assistance was going directly to the people for whom it was intended.


In the mid-1980’s, Mali faced the same devastating drought and famine as Ethiopia and Sudan, but received much less international assistance. Mali was considered one of the three poorest countries in the world. A group of Utah community leaders were concerned and through their partnership with Africare in Washington, D.C., they traveled to Mali to identify the area of greatest need. The rural area of Ouelessebougou was selected as a partner not only because of its dire circumstances, but also because it had the greatest potential for long-term sustainable impact.

The Alliance began by addressing the most basic human needs. Drinking and irrigation wells were constructed and healthcare for families was offered. In later years, education and economic development programs were added to further opportunities for growth and self-sufficiency.

Ouelessebougou is a region consisting of 44 villages. The Alliance partners directly with 25 villages and our immunization program reaches over 100 villages in and around the region.



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