Transforming Lives in Mali, West Africa

Ouelessebougou Alliance works to lift village communities out of extreme poverty.


We work in partnership with villagers to transform the quality of life in the region of Ouelessebougou, Mali, West Africa by delivering sustainable health and education programs.


Theft at OA Office

We are heartbroken that our office located in Millcreek was broken in to on the night of April 23, just days after the end of our virtual auction fundraiser. They stole technology, cash and silent auction items donated by our Utah community. Most of our auction donors had not received their winning items yet. We would be grateful for your donations to help us during this time and recoup some of what we lost. Every dollar will help! Iniche!


33,000 Malians

Our programs reach Malians in the rural region of Ouelessebougou.

25 Villages

Our active partner villages are recipients of our locally-vetted programs.

12 Schools

Our partner elementary schools receive program support to achieve literacy.

Up to 3 out of 5 children under the age of five in Mali die from malaria. Together we can save thousands of lives.


New Malaria Initiative

We are expanding our malaria control efforts in 2021. We are taking a different approach than others have historically to prevent malaria in Mali: integrated mosquito management. This dynamic combination of methods will accomplish sustainable and ecologically-sensitive mosquito control in Ouelessebougou.

Our Work

 Our program focus is in health and education. Through our long-term partnerships, we empower villagers to break the cycle of poverty.

Get Involved

We bring Utah and Mali communities together. People of all ages can connect with our cause and make a difference in the lives of village families.


You can change a life today. Over 90% of expenses go to program services. You can feel confident your contribution directly serves the community of Ouelessebougou.


Voices from Mali