Children gathering in the villages of Ouelessebougou Mali Africa
Ouelessebougou Mali Africa

Health. Education. Self-Reliance.

Girls in Mali Africa learn about their periods


 Our program focus is in health and education. Through our long-term partnerships, we empower villagers to break the cycle of poverty.

African hut made of mud

25 Villages

We bring Utah and Mali communities together. People of all ages can connect with our cause and make a difference in the lives of village families.

Change A Life

Whether you are a one time or monthly donor YOU can make a difference.
Over 90% of expenses go directly to programs in our 25 villages. 

Up to 3 out of 5 children under the age of five in Mali die from malaria. 

Together we can save thousands of lives.


We are expanding our malaria control efforts in 2021! 

We are taking a different approach than others have historically to prevent malaria in Mali: integrated mosquito management. This dynamic combination of methods will accomplish sustainable and ecologically-sensitive mosquito control in Ouelessebougou.