• Together We Lift Each Other

    Together We Lift Each Other

    Working in partnership to transform the quality of life in the Ouelessebougou region of Mali, West Africa

  • Sustainable Programs

    Sustainable Programs

    "The Alliance brought education and health training to our village and now we can provide for ourselves." ~ Woman from Bassa

  • Why Mali?

    Why Mali?

    “In the midst of impossible conditions we found an invincible people” ~ Quote from founding Board member

  • Do Something

    Do Something

    Support the Alliance by donating, volunteering and spreading the word about the work we do!

The West African nation of Mali is one of the least developed countries in the world. Villagers in rural communities face daily challenges of extreme poverty.

We work in partnership with the villagers of Ouelessebougou to transform their quality of life. Together we deliver sustainable programs in health and education which provides hope and opportunity for thousands of village families.

Our Work

Ouelessebougou Alliance’s programs develop from the underlying premise that the citizens of Ouelessebougou will themselves identify the most crucial needs and locally viable and sustainable solutions, and then, when possible provide the human and physical resources to satisfy those needs in an ecologically responsible manner. The Alliance’s sustainable programs are focused on two areas:

“An educated girl will stay healthy, save money, build a business, empower her community, lift her country, change the world.”

Nema has plans for her future, a future that would not be possible without the support of Ouelessebougou Alliance’s education program. She may only be eight years old, but she already knows she wants to be a teacher when she grows up. She is inspired by her second grade teachers, a mother of four who returned to school to teach with her newborn baby on her back. A quality education is vital for Nema to achieve her dream of teaching one day.

Please help students like Nema have a successful school year by donating to our Back to School Campaign today.